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Happy Campers

Not sure how this blog thing all works but here goes!

The launch of our farm campsite has gone well, we have now had three sets of campers. One of them, a large family group has decided to stay for an extended time and call the camp area on the creek "paradise". They are even talking about booking it out next year for their Son's wedding - bush style - which will be a blast. Our Grandson is loving have playmates on tap too and us adults are enjoying the odd "happy hour" interaction.

Weather been a bit difficult - windy with temperatures up and down a bit (usual for this time of year) but none of the rain we need to help grow the feed for the cattle, sheep and horses. Still, we are more fortunate than most so are trying to do our bit for drought relief and to that end we are currently letting our farming neighbours run their cattle and horses also, and pumping water to another as his dam has dried up.

As a bonus, one of the campers loved my paintings and purchased one to take home.

Hope to attract more people to our campsite soon.

Watch this space!

Bretims Farm, Retreat Artist Studios, and Campsite.

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